Musique et pinceaux

Music: Dominique Gesseney-Rappo
Artist: Dessa
Orchestra "Flying Brass"
Conductor: Blaise Heritier
Film: Bernard Villat

The idea for this project came from the Swiss conductor, Blaise Héritier. He wanted an artist to create live whilst the orchestra was playing. He had collaborated in the past with the Swiss composer Dominique Gesseney-Rappo, who knew of my work and suggested that the three of us meet to discuss a possible collaboration.

It was decided that Dominique Gesseney-Rappo would compose a new piece for brass and percussion inspired by two tryptics from my previous work. Meanwhile I tested the experience in my studio. Painting upright on a big surface, as was the initial intention of Blaise Héritier, soon proved to be unsuitable. The paint was difficult to control and the big brushes were too heavy. I had to develop another process of painting the music directly, to be seen by the audience, and which would be of artistic interest to me.

I decided to paint on a table with smaller brushes, and instead of using acrylic paint, I used a particular type of coloured ink. I found this method very suitable and very inspiring, and as a result we decided we would do the performance this way. Bernard Villat was brought into the project to organise the simultaneous screen projection for the audience to watch.

Once Dominique Gesseny-Rappo had completed his new composition  " Flying colours ", I received a copy of the score to read through and his (electronic) recording of the music. I continued working from this in my studio. I attended some of the orchestra rehearsals and got an orchestral recording a short while before performances were scheduled.

After one general rehearsal, five performances were given in the Suisse Romande. The film/DVD is the last concert given in Neuchâtel.