The Art Vin Project

I was contacted by the directors of a company producing wine. They bought a painting from the series inspired by “Porte Mystique” by René Oberson which was used for the wine bottle label. I was directly implicated in the wine making and I must say, it was a unique experience. The wines were presented to the public with an exhibition of my work, at Chateau d’Allaman. Musicians and singers accompanied the grand opening. Unfortunately, the date chosen for the event was September 11, 2001 and of course, under those tragic circumstances, everything was dramatically changed.

"Sounds of the Er-Hu"

I like to consider my work as a bridge, between past and present, between music and colour, and between different peoples and cultures. In 1992, I spent two months painting in Hangzhou, China. This time, it was not one piece of music that inspired over thirty paintings, but rather music for a two stringed instrument, the "er-hu". I worked on a special type of silk for paint, using acrylic paint and a mixture of Chinese brushes that I had brought with me. My friend and painter, Zheng Fang, assisted me in buying the necessary materials in Hangzhou. When each silk painting was finished, Zheng Fang wet it and pasted two pieces of a very light paper onto the back to make it opaque. He then stuck the edges on the bathroom door to stretch the work.My Chinese friends explained that any art made in China had to be stamped with the artist's seal. Dessa, in Chinese, means "a butterfly". Zheng Fang made the stamp and I decided to sign each one both ways.

Painting for record cover - 1993

Since 1987, Dessa exhibits her work in Switzerland and abroad. Taking her inspiration from music for each of her exhibitions, she expresses in colour what she hears in the music. Having worked with compositions of composers such as Mahler, Messiaen, Bloch and Bernstein, she now expresses “Gloria Sepharadica” in colour.