Viktor Ullmann (1997)

 A Legacy from Theresienstadt (1997)
Music from the camp

The will to live should never be forsaken, just as it was not forsaken by Viktor Ullmann despite his tragic situation. This is the message, the emotion that Dessa wishes to convey. Her paintings that must transmit this emotion are informal: music has no form, but vibrates in the air, penetrates into the soul, making it possible to participate with what the artist feels.
The colours, bright or pastel, are always intense. The rythm of the brush is gay, without hesitation. The white lines evoke the musical pentagram, the origin of this work. Waves of light irrupt suggesting joy, and light-heartedness. Waves break over rocks, quiet water of lagoons, lights form the clouds, warm colours of autumn, winds that sweep the mist away - the forces of creation - this is what is felt in this first movement of Dessa's paintings.

extract of text by Ferdinando Tiveron